About Us

He is a witty guy with a 1st Class Degree in Computer Science. He carries a sense of humor with his work and is held by creative ideas. He is fond of working with friends and being a team player he is always motivated by the zeal to succeed together. He is a Frugal Innovator, working on Strategies, Business operations and Game designing for the studio.
Prateek Kumar
Co-Founder, Game Designer
VectorInteractive Studios
Using his expertise of ML & AI and blending his experience of artistic exposure through coding and trying to get India a name in the global video game market with a top notch video game. Apart from being a tech geek, he likes to watch "The Mahabharat" and works on some latest technologies to make this world a better place.
Harendra Pratap Singh
Co-Founder, Graphics/Gameplay Programmer
VectorInteractive Studios
He is a Computer Science Engineer and also a GATE aspirant with AIR-3401 in 2020.He is highly enthusiastic about Science & Technologies as they bring curiosity and infinite possibilities before us. He holds a deep interest in cosmology, gadgets, Machine Learning, programming & automation and deploys his knowledge and experience for contributions in Gameplay programming, sequence developments and building game plots. He, along with the team, firmly believes that learning is a never-ending process and wishes to deliver the world with their own masterpiece.
Anurag Jain
Co-Founder, AI/Gameplay Programmer
VectorInteractive Studios
Currently pursuing his graduation in Computer Science, he believes that there is always something out there, waiting for us to explore and make something beautiful out of it. Being working as a 3D Artist and Game Designer at the company, he brings imagination to life in 3D. He loves what he does and wishes to deliver beautiful gifts to this world through his work.
Saket Sharma
Co-Founder, 3D Artist
VectorInteractive Studios