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We are VectorInteractive Studios, a Game Development company from  Himachal Pradesh, INDIA. We want you to witness the beautiful culture, heritage, diversity and amazing stories that are too appealing to be featured and experience them in our video games. 

Here at VectorInteractive Studios, we are producing games from all the genres available based on the Indian subcontinent, tales, fantasies and way more.

Our mission is to develop video games that will build a strong connection between you and our culture. Our games will add a whole new dimension to your experience, a whole new world to explore and interact with. Here, we are creating an unexplored world to be explored by YOU!

We are overjoyed to announce that our first title THE DAUNTING HOUSE, an action, adventure and horror survival first player PC game, will be releasing on Steam & very soon.

The Daunting House is very interesting as well as thrilling journey which combines the real stories and incidents of a haunted place called Dagshai, located in the outskirts of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. To make it more authentic and connecting, the map is set across the terrains of the Himalayas. The protagonist will be resolving the mysteries and running for survival in an abandoned village in the mountains. He finds himself trapped and has to stick to his instincts of courage and bravery. This game is set to entertain all age groups of people, especially those who like playing action, adventure, mystery games and have a knack for real-life horror stories.

About Our First Game

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